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Play on PC, Mobile Legends – 5 Steps


Hello everyone, today i show you “How to play Mobile Legends on PC”. Maybe you was heard to Mobile Legends can play on PC? It’s very simple and easy. How to play on PC, i have got pictures for you. Follow the steps and ask anything about this topic by commenting.

Step 1: Download and setup Memu

You must download Memu for play Mobile Legends on PC. I will show, how set your keys for attack or use your skills and move…

Download Memu Last Versiyon: Click

Step 2: Download Mobile Legends in Memu

You must download Mobile Legends by using Google Play.

Step 3: Change Your Account

As you can see, you can use your account in Memu Mobile Legends – on PC

Step 4: Click Play “Human vs AI”

It’s necessary for first setting the keys.

You can select your game spells, equipments, emblem sets. As you can see the picture.

Game is loading…

Here we are, we are ready to first key setting for comfort playing.

Step 5: Set Your First Keys

Click where I show for the set your keys. You can set the key how you like it.

Click on screen and press any key to using this skill.

I’m sory all of this, my purpose was to help, my English very bad, sorry about that. I hope I can tell you properly. You can ask anything by commenting, I do everything to help you…

Thank you 🙂

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Thanks thanks thanks for this tip!


I already bind my account with facebook but when i click switch account and log in i get this “this account has not been bound to the game mobile legends”

any solutions?


How about in new 3ds??? Cool to have this game in my 3ds


Hello, Mine seems to restart to the moontoon part after loading over and over again


same to me…it starts again and again…