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Miya High AD Build


Miya very poverful but don’t forget Miya has not a escape mechanics. Even so, you want high physical damage items. Then i will show you, dangerous damage items. Always i’m telling, take a good position and look the map. Buy this items and have good game 🙂

Hey! Don’t forget, you can click item name. For information about the item, just click the item name.

Let start:

Miya High AD Build

Firstly get this item:

Tooth of Greed


Thors Sting


Swift Boots

Get this item:

Wind Chaser


Blade of Destruction

Finally buy this item:

Magic Blade

You can sell your boots, when the late game.

If you will sell your boots, then buy this item:

for More AD:

Blade of Despair

for Magic Resist:


for Armor:

Brute Force Breastplate

It’s gonna work on the Mobile Legends. Please don’t forget to comment.

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Thx for everything 🙂

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I honestly think that you should work around her AA-Boost. Good build but in higher Elo´s there are better Options i guess. 🙂
Greetings Onion!