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Is the game fast or slow?


Is Mobile Legends slow or slow? We can discuss this. My friends, of course, are slow to some of them fast. Mobile Legends producers have already said, “This is one of our long term goals.” explained. They say they’re making small changes to make the game more fun. These are really minor changes. Maybe we do not even know it.

Do not be shy 🙂 You can also discuss and tell your own opinion, is your game fast or slow?

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I think the game is really slow in terms of BP gain. Considering you release champions so fast and they are all 24k-32k BP each, it’s really going to take a long time to get them all, since we get around 80BP per match. While the update bonus BPs help a ton, I still think you should increase BP gain or decrease champion costs.


they provoke you to purchase heroes for real money


The game is great, you dont want everybody to have a ton of BP to buy new hero’s. How its been when a new hero is released they are usually OP. I think the game is going at a good pace.


slow ..:-( is laggy so much some times..


they need to release both android and ios new update in time


To be honest, the game is way too slow, without double BP/XP time you get only 40 – 60 BP/XP, and heros are too expensive, starting from 2k to 32k, way too expensive and second of all, in-game gold earning is too slow as well, normal match 2 gold/1s, brawl mode 4/1s, Mobile Legends should either increase the gold per second or instead of starting with 400 gold (in normal match) and 800 (gold), we should start off with like 1.9k – 2.9k, like give us a amount of gold where we “could” at least buy one equipment.


extremly slow mobile legends


Quero pedir que falem com o ML porque lan├žaram agora pouco a Ruby e ela esta bugada na primeira skill dela nem sempre ela pula deixando vulner├ível falha demais a passaiva dela arrumem isso porfavor