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How To Make The Game Better!


Yes Hello! My Name is Anton and i come from Sweden. I am a new author for this website. I will be writing some of my thoughts on the game.

Feel Free to leave some feedback on my first post!

What do i think needs to be done to improve the game EXPERIENCE?

-The Game Needs More Physcial Attack Mana items!

There are no items that give both PA (Physical attack) and mana exepct for Endless battle right now in the entire game. Wich can damage Mana using PA champions potential very much. In long fights and laning phase they run out of mana very quickly unless they hold back on using their abilities and in a fast paced game like Mobile Legends that can also be very negative.  This is turn gives their non-mana using PA champions like Blamond and Alucard a huge upside since they can spam their abilites all day long without worrying about mana problems. So i think the game needs more PA mana items to boost the power of such champs as Saber and Hayabusa cause they need mana to be as relevant as other champions in the game.

– Make Magic Power Champions And Abilities Stronger!

This game really needs some stronger Magic Power Champions/ Abilites. The mage champions in this game are way to weak for they PA (Physical Attack) Counterparts. Their Spells don’t seem to do enough to make them a viable pick in game. A lot of the time the teams are full PA champions and not a single MA (Magic Attack) Champion. They only seem to deal much damage when they have been getting a lot of kills or in the really really late game. In the early game they are more of a distraction Since they don’t really deal that much damage. The only reason i see why someone would pick these is cause they are pretty good cc (Stuns, Roots, Morphs)/ and disables. Many mages right now can’t even burst down a lowly Marksman, So i don’t see a reason why to pick them over lets  say a fighter or a tank. I would scale up the rate wich spells scale with MA Items or just increase the damage that they deal. Many of the items in the shop are even useless cause the Magic Resistance items are not needed since Mages are not a threat. Make players fear some of the bursty champions like Eudora or Gord. Cause right now they are nothing but meat in the Physical Attack meat Grinder

– Tone Down The Power Level Of Physical Attack!

I can’t count how many games i have lost because of a single marksman on the enemy team that has gone a full glass cannon build and totally destroys my team in a couple of shots. Add lifesteal to the picture and PA champions just get insane. The amount of damage they deal and health they get back is just so much and can even outheal some of the damage that many champions can do in this game! If people go glass cannon builds in this game we should be able to punish them, but right now there is no way to punish them. Mages don’t deal enough damage to burst them down, and fighters cant keep up with the healing they get from lifesteal items. The only way to kill a PA champion with many items is to try to solo them out of the fight or hope they make a mistake. Cause a PA champion with a lot of damage and lifesteal become super hard to kill and deal super much damage. Tone down the damage and we should be good!


-These are Some of my thoughts on what could be improved right now! I have many more ideas for what can be improved but those are for another article. – Anton

Feel Free To Give Me Your Ideas And Maybe I will Give You a Shoutout In The Next Article!










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I am an marksman main in this game and you are completly wrong in my opinion.
Marksman Champions are pretty vurnable ind early to mid game and like you said a marksman should be able to carry out late game because it is the way it should be.
one or 2 cc´s and they are down. building endless lifesteal will not be used in higher elo and postioning is key.also you said if they dont do mistakes you cant kill em.notice it? 🙂
Shouldnt it be like it?


I personally don’t think they need to decrease all phisical damage. I like playing fighters and assassins, and i kinda hate mages. But thats just my opinion. I think you’re right that they’re to weak right now, but it’s not my playstyle.

ExG lucifer

Ich denke die sollten mal mehr auf die Server performance wert legen,genauso wäre es mal echt schön wenn die unterschiedlichen Versionen aufhören würden weil wenn es mal dazu kommt ein internationales Turnier zu machen das sind die AIS Europa hinten an da sie nicht die gleiche Version haben wie der Rest.


En mi opinión, el juego necesita mas suports, con solo uno no se puede hacer mucha variedad de combinaciones, eso sin tener en cuenta que hay muchos personajes que se utilizan muy poco por que no gusta jugarlo. A demás, deberían hacer algo parecido a clanes o al menos gremios donde pudiesen reunirse personas de parla similar, debido a que buscar a gente de tu país, al menos en mi caso no es muy fácil.

Honestly some champions are just flat out broken and should be toned down a bit. For example, my personal nightmare is Yun Zhao. I like to play Bruno and whenever I see a Yun Zhao on the enemy team i can already imagine the flips and multiple autos. Yun Zhao just is too good at what a fighter is suppose to do. His kit is centered around him being a fighter (constant damage with decently tanky stats) but what he has tuned into is a late game nightmare for many people on the enemy team. Changes I suggest be made… Read more »
I think the game lacks a jungle meta right now, with the only jungle farming consisting of taking a camp or two at level one to gain an exp advantage before going to lane and taking large monsters such as turtle and lord. This may just be because Mobile Legends is newer game but I would like to see a Jungle position that has a similar role as the Jungles in other MOBAs such as LoL. Things that could be done to change this is strengthening the uses of Buffs that can be obtained through the Jungle. In all honesty… Read more »
Toxic Star
Make changes to the life regen summoner spell please. This spell just feels so awkward to play around with. I get why they have the health regen cancel when hit by champions because the sheer amount of health it regens over time is ridiculous if it was able to be used in a fight. But why have the health regen cancel when hit by minions or monsters? Instead of canceling the health regen, have the health regen maybe reduced to half regen or so. This change is needed because of the fact that because minion agros dont change unless you… Read more »

What i think is the developers should try to make the more simple and farer jungle from laning to make hero growth more smoothly 🙂 <3


*the map i mean*


They should add clans/packs in this game, tho there is already players making clans/packs but since there isn’t servers and everything is in a global chat, there isn’t really any way to talk to the clan/pack members all together rather than telling them everything one person at a time.

Some Random Dude

I agree about the first and the second one. But for the third one, i dont. I just dont.