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Saber Tactics-Tricks
Saber Tactics-Tricks

Saber General

[color=#444444][font=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Saber is one of the earliest assassin heroes, and one of a few heores who have a great displacement ability. As a melee hero, his first skill is also a melee attack, though cooperating it with the second skill to charge or the ult to move in a large range, Saber
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Rafaela Tactics-Tricks
Rafaela very popular in Mobile Legends and she has a very useful skills for your team. I will show you Rafaela tactics and tips-tricks by Flying Tomato (s3201). You can learn how to play Rafaela…

Rafaela Tactics-Tricks

Rafaela General

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Layla Tips and Tricks
Layla is a very good marksman, and we should learn about her more. Which items should buy Layla and how to play Layla? You will learn this.

[color=#222222]As a shooter, Layla is qualified to control and reap. She can deal a large amount of damage, but also is very fragile herself. Some protection is needed to allow Layla to bring her damage-dealing and reaping superiority into full play.
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Another Miya Tactics-Tricks

Hi everyone, another Miya tactics and strategies you can learn. This tips by Kinga's. Thank you to the sharing your ideas for helping players.

[color=#222222][font=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Miya is the one of markmans what means she i
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General Tips-Tricks

Some useful tips and tactics. This post can help you to understand somethings. You can add your ideas by commenting. Thank you for sharing "BestJanna".

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