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Thank you to forum
Thank you to forum, i love Mobile Legends to, i share a lot of information at this forum. Thank you again.

Best regards...
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How To Use: Bruno

Here I will tell how to use the hero bruno properly and good according to me, if youcould use a hero bruno you will kill penta easy to get. Believe me.
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Bruno, I know that you already know this hero. Do you g
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Kagura Spotlight Guide to the Onmyouji Master
Welcome to the Kagura Spotlight Video. Check out the full video for a guide on Kagura’s abilities and how to use her amazing combos to gain an advantage over your enemies with the Onmyouji Master.

[color=#222222][font=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Check out our awesome new Kagura Guide Video. If you enjoy the video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel, we are focused on producing a ton of high quality Mobile Lege
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How To Make The Game Better!
Yes Hello! My Name is Anton and i come from Sweden. I am a new author for this website. I will be writing some of my thoughts on the game.

Feel Free to leave some feedback on my first post!

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Suggestions to the forum

I would make a suggestions to the fórum administrador. 

Iwould like that I could use the fórum from the smartphone confortable. I mean, I see the fórum very little, like in pc versión. See if you can adapt It or let the users use tapatalk.

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Few suggestions to statistics.
Hello guys. I'd like to suggest some additional statistics.

-First Blood
-Individual Hero GPM, KDA, etc. 

If you guys have any additional statistic then you can suggest here. Hope the devs can make this someday.
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How to Farm
Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about the beginning of the game. I've played mobile legends for a few months, but I dont know how some players farm so quickly and get strong faster than I do. I really felt in love with this game and want to become a better player, but I've no experience in games like this. I wanna learn to play fighters like Alucard, Zhao and Alpha, but my enemies are always faster with farming, so I often dont have many kills and die more as I kill...
At the beginning,