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New Clint

I Don’t like the new clint. Old Clint is better. The Best Reaper!
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New update
Hello everyone,
The new update its not cool. So many lag in game we cant play like that and im not the only one who says have lag everybody in game spam "lagg lagg". And chat every lettet is "*" .. ex. Book - b**k i cant understand that. So please make decision with these updates the game is so hard to play. Its not bad to update the game , but if this is in small sizes will be great, cause is have many lag. 
Sorry , if i have wrong with wrriting , cuz i dont know english very good. Thanks for
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New Hero Skin Bunny Girl Layla
Bunny Girl  Layla, January's exclusive skin for Starlight Member!

(Note: You'll own this skin permanently after purchasing Starlight Member in January.)
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Official Forums
Hello everyone,

I started playing the game last week, and I loved it. Started looking for the official forums to find friends and share stuff, I think its a good idea to send a message in-game to all players to let them know that this forum exists.

Just a suggestion!

Greetings from Mexico!  Heart
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New Video Freya