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Anti Natalia Strategy?
Hey guys!

Anyone out there who can counter Natalia? This character really bugs me in-game. LOL.

Any strategies you can share with me is appreciated. Thanks!

Enjoy ML!

Cheers!  Big Grin
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Natalia before the nerf!
[size=small][size=xx-large]I have 2 videos of Natalia when she was still too OP that I wanted to share.

In the first video, i got a huge amount of kills. More than there were minutes in the game, even though the game was almost 30 minutes long!
It was a ranked game, but my enemies weren't really playing well. They always tried to take down turrets on their own, and if you've played Natalia, you know that it's super easy to kill them that way. Although I got 30+ kills and just a few deaths, i