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How can I write colorful in chat
Hi everyone, today we learn How can you write colorful text in Mobile Legends chat. Its very easy to do. Follow the steps below then you will see you can do this. There is color code and how to use them. I will show:

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How To Use: Bruno

Here I will tell how to use the hero bruno properly and good according to me, if youcould use a hero bruno you will kill penta easy to get. Believe me.
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Bruno, I know that you already know this hero. Do you g
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How To Make The Game Better!
Yes Hello! My Name is Anton and i come from Sweden. I am a new author for this website. I will be writing some of my thoughts on the game.

Feel Free to leave some feedback on my first post!

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How fast can you rank up?
Hello guys! My forum name is also my IGN. 

Started playing 4 days ago and after playing for 4 days I've reached Epic V. 
If I don't have anything to do like school I could probably go legend or even glorious in 1-2 weeks. 

Just curious how long it takes you guys or someone who went faster than me. 

P.S. I have broad knowledge in MOBA games. Played DOTA 2 and LoL. Also tried HoN for a short while.
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How to Farm
Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about the beginning of the game. I've played mobile legends for a few months, but I dont know how some players farm so quickly and get strong faster than I do. I really felt in love with this game and want to become a better player, but I've no experience in games like this. I wanna learn to play fighters like Alucard, Zhao and Alpha, but my enemies are always faster with farming, so I often dont have many kills and die more as I kill...
At the beginning,