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Game Mechanics for Dummies
This is the first time playing MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) or you are already familiar  with PC hits like DOTA and LOL? No worries, here are some ingame mechanics that will certainly make you a better player?


[color=#222222][font=Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]There are 3 lanes in Normal mode and 1 lane in Brawl mode. Each lane has 3 turrets
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How To Make The Game Better!
Yes Hello! My Name is Anton and i come from Sweden. I am a new author for this website. I will be writing some of my thoughts on the game.

Feel Free to leave some feedback on my first post!

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Does this game support x86 devices?
I got Mobile Legends via share by my friend's phone.
I'm having lag when into Team Fight.

So i've been thinking, does this game support x86 device?

My device is Asus Zenfone 5 (x86 processor) and my friend's is ARM64 processor device.

My point is, if this game does have x86 device support i'll reinstall the game via Google Play Store.

Thanks before!  Big Grin
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Mysterious Ranked Game Loss
I think it was 15 minutes ranked game, my team is leading, all enemy turrets destroyed, victory upon my eyes.

But my team's Ancient/Base destroyed mysteriously.
No surrender calls at all! And i be like WTF?  Huh

Is this some kind of cheating? or counter-cheat system in the game? I don't know!  Sad

Anyone experience the same?