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Clint Attack-Jungle Build


Clint can go jungle very easy, first of all you should learn to Clint’s skills and his passive. Then you will understand the how can you go jungle with Clint. You can search about Clint at Mobile-Legends.Net. Always you should good searching and ask your questions. I or the other guys, we will reply your question. Clint is good hero and should use very well.

Clint Attack-Jungle Items

Firstly you must get this item:

Raptor Machete


Swift Boots


Fallen Sword


Blade of Destruction


Wind Chaser

Finally buy this item:

Blade of Despair

My friends, you can sell your boots when the late game,

for More Attack Speed-Movement Speed-Crit:

Thors Sting

for HP-Armor:

Brute Force Breastplate

for HP-Magic Resist-Shield:

Saints Refuge

Thabk you for everything, you can say your idea for Clint jungle items by commenting 🙂

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